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High School


Hard Work

The virtue of hard work is a highlight of the high school years. Here at NEBA, we understand that those years prepare students for the workforce, vocational careers, and liberal arts colleges. With discipline, students are equipped to start their lifelong earnings. 

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the basis for innovation. Along with a biblical moral compass, students acquire the tools to think critically in order to become godly citizens and independent contributors to society. NEBA utilizes the Abeka curriculum to foster thought-provoking questions in each class subjects. 

Lucas and Rafael.jpeg

"It has been a priority of mine to instill in the High School Students the love of God, self-discipline, and hard work. They start to develop skills to face real life as they are challenged rigorously and academically."

Miss Edouard, High School Teacher 

Featured Subject


Biology is a perfect class to combine everything NEBA students had been learning since elementary schools. It provides the basis to foster proper reading skills, critical thinking, working  and presenting in groups with classmates. It also establishes a precedent to develop test-taking skills. Science subjects seek to enlist all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy learning levels as shown below. 



Ana, NEBA mom of 3

"NEBA creates an environment in which each student is expected to learn at high levels and is supported so he/ she can learn at high levels."
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