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Our alumni and parents can better speak about their experiences at NEBA. It is our hope that their testimonials shed light on the impact God has had on both their own or children's spiritual, professional, and physical lives.


College: Bob Jones University,  B.S. in Biology, chemistry minor 2004; Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA, B.S. in Nursing, Global Studies concentration, 2023

Current job: Registered Nurse

"Attending NEBA gave me both solid academic and spiritual foundations. In my secondary education experiences, I have found I was better prepared academically than most of my peers, and in my professional experiences have been praised for high levels of competency, excellency, and integrity. But most importantly, learning the Scripture and knowing God was integrally woven into every experience at NEBA, and it became an essential part of my life. I developed a close relationship with God that has helped me withstand the difficulties of life, shaped me into a compassionate caregiver, and led me into the field of medical missions."



I began attending NEBA in my second year of Junior High School, and I praise the Lord for the education I received there considering it a vital part of who I have grown to be today. With their wonderful Godly teachers, and Christ centered curriculum, I was able to grow both in knowledge and wisdom, gaining the tools I needed for life. After receiving the Lord’s call to become a missionary to the Deaf, I attended Harvest Deaf Bible College, graduating in 2006 with my Degree in Theology, and since then have earned a Masters in Christian Ministry, 2017, and I am currently working on my Doctorates. Today, by the Grace of God, I am serving on the field with my wife as missionary to the Deaf in the country of Dominican Republic.

Natia, NEBA mom of 2

"I thought about where my son will spend 30% of his time.  My son will spend thousands of hours in school between kindergarten and high school.  Once you start doing the math and considering how many hours your child will spend being influenced by teachers and friends, your desire to invest those hours in an educational environment that honors Jesus. In a world where our faith is constantly challenged, you can give your child the gift of time.  Time that includes the Word of God and does not exclude it.  Investing in a Christian school is not simply investing in your child's education, it is an investment for eternity.  The culture of the Christian school will make a difference in your child's life, and in your family.  So I thought of 5 important considerations: 1-Strengthen the biblical vision that I teach at home 2-Learn content aligned with what I believe 3-That teachers reinforce Christian values ​​4-God and biblical truths are integrated into my son's educational experience 5 -May teachers be free to pray for my son and offer God's counsel.  May he see himself as a professional with values ​​approved by God."
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