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My name is Pastor John. I have been involved in ministry for approximately 25 years and most recently became the Senior Pastor at New England Baptist Church which also includes the Academy  and the Theological Institute. 


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website and share with you my vision, goals,  thoughts and hearts desire on these very important ministries.  I am prayerful you will visit us in person in the near future.

Our Church

Our Mission: We are called to preach, teach and reach the World with the Word of God. 

Our Vision: Through our Services, Bible/Discipleship studies and many Ministries,  we want to see people get established in the Word, Fellowship, Church and Basic Ministry.

Our Goal: To see people come to a saving knowledge of the Lord, learn of the Lord and serve the Lord resulting in others doing the same.

Our Academy

We, at NEBA want to see your children succeed! As one of the largest ministries at NEBC, our vision is to see the children grow in three basic areas in life: 

(1) Spiritually, through preaching and teaching the Word of God;

(2) Academically, through the proven and solid Abeka Curriculum;

(3) Physically, through our gym classes, intramural/organized sports programs.

Our Theological Institute


This is a great institute for advanced learning of the Word of God. In our accelerated 2-year certificate program, you will learn what is necessary to be a blessing to the church/ministry the Lord has called you to do.

It is our hope to have each Christian established in the Word as they continue their journey with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is not a work I take lightly, and I depend on the eternal, Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding of God to help me reach the goals and missions elaborated above. 

I am looking forward to your visit, 


Pastor John Riccio

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