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Junior High

The Bridge between elementary and high school 


"The Junior High students are at a transitional point in their lives, not yet fully mature, but progressing. They are willing to listen, because they are gathering information to make sense of their lives." 


Utilizing the Abeka curriculum, students in the 7th and 8th grades are prepared to conquer the challenges of high school. Junior High School is viewed as a bridge linking the elementary and High Schools. Arming students spiritually, academically, and physically includes dutiful steps to master basic and preliminary concepts in math, science, english, and Bible. Please contact the academy here for further inquiries and an in-person tour.   


Featured Subject

Junior High Math

Junior High mathematics include arithmetics, geometry and algebra. Utilizing the Spiral learning method, students revisit these concepts yearly with age-appropriate depth and mastery. 


Michelle, Alumna & NEBA parent of 4. 

“It has been vital to have my children walk with the Lord. I also attended NEBA and wanted to pass on what I have been taught on to them. 

3 John 1:4 KJV"

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